The Society of European Affairs Professionals

Established in 1997, SEAP is the professional organisation for European Affairs Professionals. It is a not for profit association incorporated in Brussels under Belgian Law.

SEAP’s objective is to promote openness, transparency and high ethical standards in the relationship between European Affairs professionals, the EU institutions, and other relevant bodies.

Membership of SEAP is individual, voluntary and open to all European Affairs Professionals who support the objectives of SEAP and who subscribe to its Code of Conduct.

SEAP’s activities are centred on:

• Regulating members conduct and promoting high ethical standards within the profession at large;

• Developing dialogue with the EU institutions and other stakeholders with a view to promoting the interests of the profession;

• Stimulating discussion in areas of relevance to the practice of European Affairs;

• Supporting the development of high quality training for European Affairs professionals;

• Providing SEAP members with practical information on EU developments affecting the profession.